The State government has stepped in to allow the transportation of poultry items, meat and fish, yet in addition, the development of vehicles conveying fledgeling feed, whose prevention had prompted chicken confronting the possibility of starving to death in poultry cultivates over the State.

Since the time the lockdown was announced not long ago, the stock of basic elements of chicken feed, for example, soya and maize had been halted. In poultry ranches, where the current stock was depleted, feathered creatures had started to bite the dust. Thumping on the entryways of the legislature, the Karnataka Poultry Farmers’ and Breeders’ Association (KPFBA) said a few crores of winged creatures in the State will die if steps are not taken quickly to reestablish supply of chicken feed.

Despite the fact that creature farming is absolved from the limitations forced in the light of COVID-19 spread and animal cultivation had been named a fundamental help, the nearby police were making barriers in the development of vehicles conveying either chicken and eggs or chicken feed, essential for raising the two grills and layer chicken, the Association said.

Poultry cultivates in Karnataka source soya from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh while maize developed in various pieces of the State is moved to the poultry ranches. “Regardless of whether they cross the State’s fringes, the vehicles are halted at cost doors by the neighbourhood police. In a couple of spots, town panchayat agents are not permitting the vehicles to enter the towns”, said a delegate of KPFBA.

Region and taluk organization authorities also were coming to the method for moving the tremendous reserve of chicken and eggs from the poultry homesteads to the retail locations in various pieces of the State.

Round gave

After a gathering with State government’s Development Commissioner Vandita Sharma, Food Commissioner Ashok Kumar and senior authorities of Animal Husbandry Department in Bengaluru on Thursday, where the delegates of KPFBA blamed the police and neighbourhood organization for driving the conclusion of shops selling chicken and eggs, the Secretary to the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department gave around on Friday requesting that the specialists license the transportation of chicken, sheep, goat, pig, fish and so forth.

The roundabout routed to all City Police Commissioners, BBMP Commissioner, all Deputy Commissioners, Chief Executive Officers of Zilla Panchayats, Superintendents of Police and different authorities concerned has looked to clarify that the specialists ought not just grant the raising of chicken, sheep, goat, pig and fish in the ranches, yet in addition, their transportation, other than permitting the transportation of chicken feed to spare the crores of chicken in the poultry cultivates over the State.

“I couldn’t want anything more than to have the nation opened up and only chomping at the bit to pass by Easter,” he said during a Fox News virtual town corridor.

“I allowed it two weeks,” Trump said about the safe house set up rules a great part of the nation is living with now. “I surmise by Monday or Tuesday, it’s around about fourteen days. We will survey around then and give it additional time in the event that we need somewhat more time. We need to open this nation up.”

“By one way or another, the word got out this is the thing we should do,” he stated, including the nation had “never done a thing like this.”

“In any case, we needed to do it. It’s been difficult for our nation and very destabilizing,” Trump said. “We need to return to work a lot of sooner than individuals suspected.”

“We need to fire up when we can in light of the fact that we’ll have a fast rebound… In the event that we defer this thing out, you’re going to lose a bigger number of individuals than you’re losing with the circumstance as we probably am aware it.”

“We’ll survey around then and we’ll give it some additional time in the event that we need somewhat more time, however we have to open this nation up… We need to return to work, much sooner than individuals suspected.”

“We lose a large number of individuals to this season’s flu virus. We don’t kill the nation,” he noted. “We lose substantially more than that to car crashes.”

“Our kin need to come back to work,” the president tweeted prior Tuesday. “They will rehearse Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be looked out for defensively and affectionately. We can complete two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by a wide margin) THAN THE PROBLEM!”

BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS: You said something 20 minutes prior that I’m certain many individuals were quite excited about. You said that we would- – I am summarizing now, you might want to have returned to typical by Easter Sunday.


HEMMER: That is 19 days from now. Is that valid? Is that conceivable or is that bogus expectation?

TRUMP: I believe it’s conceivable. For what reason right? I mean we have never close the nation and we have had some really terrible influenza and we have had some entirely awful infections and I imagine that is totally conceivable. Presently individuals will need to rehearse these social removing and don’t shake hands and wash your hands and everything that we are doing now however we need to recover our nation to work. Our nation needs to be back grinding away. That was not a- – a disputable thing I said a day or two ago. Our nation needs to return to work and again the fix it’s- – it resembles this fix is more terrible than the issue. Once more, individuals – numerous individuals as I would like to think more individuals are going to pass on in the event that we permit this to proceed. We need to return to work. Our kin need to return to work.

HEMMER: What- – what you have said reliably is the primary request of business is to murder the infection. So- – so when you take a gander at the information from around the globe and over our nation how would you establish that 19 days from now it- – it may be sheltered in light of the fact that there are a huge number of individuals watching this now who have their family fortune on the line?

TRUMP: Traumatic well, they have their family fortune on the visually impaired the other way as well. They will lose their positions, perhaps never to get them back. They will lose their organizations never to get them back. We need to fire up when we can on the grounds that we will have an extremely snappy returned in the event that I do that. In the event that we defer this thing out you would lose a larger number of individuals than you are losing with the- – with the circumstance as we probably am aware it so I think it is significant for our nation to return and I have had many, numerous individuals you realize when you said it was somewhat dubious and not to the vast majority, the vast majority believe I’m directly about it. Presently whether we are secured a room or whether we are in our office and rehearsing everything that we should work on avoiding one another, you know, and so on., not shaking hands, washing your hands constantly yet our nation needs to return to work. Something else – in any case it will be exceptionally difficult to fired up once more. We can’t lose the bit of leeway that we have.

A traveler who kicked the bucket on a transport in China has tried positive for a totally unexpected infection in comparison to COVID-19 — one increasingly deadly that frequently delivers fundamentally the same as manifestations, as per state-run media.

The unidentified casualty from Yunnan area kicked the bucket while on a sanctioned transport making a beeline for his work environment in Shandong territory, the state-run Global Times declared in a tweet Monday.

“He was tried positive for #hantavirus. Other 32 individuals on transport were tried,” the outlet expressed, offering no further subtleties.

The proposal of another infection beginning similarly as China begins lifting its severe isolates from COVID-19, which began in the Asian country, started alarm among numerous via web-based networking media, with #hantavirus slanting.

In any case, specialists rushed to call attention to that it’s anything but another infection — and has just infrequently thought to have been passed between people.

“The #Hantavirus previously rose in 1950s in the American-Korean war in Korea (Hantan stream). It spreads from rodent/mice if people ingest their body liquids. Human-human transmission is uncommon,” Swedish researcher Dr. Sumaiya Shaikh tweeted.

“Kindly don’t freeze, except if you intend to eat rodents,” she pushed.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said hantavirus is uncommon — yet put the passing rate at 38 percent.

Side effects may happen as long as about two months “after introduction to new pee, droppings, or spit of contaminated rodents,” the CDC says, taking note of it can at times likewise originate from nibbles from tainted rodents or mice.

The side effects from various perspectives reflect those announced from the novel coronavirus — with sufferers detailing fevers, cerebral pains, hacking and brevity of breath.

One patient compared it to “a tight band around my chest and a pad over my face,” the CDC said.

That is practically indistinguishable from what those with COVID-19 have detailed, with Rep. Ben McAdams as of late saying he “felt like I had a belt around my chest.”

Hantavirus pneumonic disorder turned into a “broadly notifiable sickness” in the US in 1995, yet there have been no realized cases transmitted between individuals, the wellbeing bunch says.


Mother shares awful video of child battling coronavirus

“In Chile and Argentina, uncommon instances of individual-to-individual transmission have happened” on account of one strand named Andes infection, the CDC says.

“There is no particular treatment, fix, or immunization for hantavirus contamination,” the CDC cautioned, saying patients frequently need escalated care to “help them through the time of serious respiratory misery.”

“Thusly, in the event that you have been around rodents and have indications of fever, profound muscle throbs, and serious brevity of breath, see your primary care physician promptly,” it cautions.

Specialists have gotten serious about a site that professed to give out coronavirus antibody units – however that was really taking casualties’ instalment card information and individual data.

The Department of Justice has raised its first government court activity against online misrepresentation identifying with the coronavirus pandemic, on Sunday finding a way to shade a deceitful site that professed to part with free coronavirus antibodies.

The site, “,” was implying to part with free antibody units that it guaranteed were fabricated by the World Health Organization (WHO), as indicated by Department of Justice (DoJ) court reports. In actuality, site administrators were taking part in a wire extortion conspire. They originally requested that purchasers input their installment card data on the site so as to pay a delivery charge of $4.95. At that point, they would take that Mastercard and individual data so as to complete fake buys and fraud.

“Truth be told, there are as of now no real COVID-19 antibodies and the WHO isn’t appropriating any such immunization,” as indicated by the DoJ in a Sunday post. “In light of the division’s solicitation, U.S. Locale Judge Robert Pitman gave an impermanent limiting request necessitating that the enlistment center of the false site promptly make a move to square free to it.”

The DoJ is proceeding to examine the site. The impermanent limiting request against the webpage, which has been given meanwhile, arranges the website’s area have, NameCheap, to promptly bring down the site. The site was live as of March 21, as per the DoJ; however as of Monday, the site is presently down.

At the point when it was live, the site indicated to be real, utilizing a photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci (the leader of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health).

“You simply need to include water, and the medications and immunizations are fit to be regulated,” the site said (see an image of the site underneath). “There are two sections to the pack: One holds pellets containing the concoction apparatus that integrates the finished result, and different holds pellets containing directions that advise the medication which compound to make. Combine two sections in a picked mix, include water, and the treatment is prepared.”‘

In spite of the fake site’s cases, the WHO on a data page on its site has said that antibodies for the coronavirus don’t exist: “until this point, there is no immunization and no particular antiviral medication to forestall or treat COVID-2019. In any case, those influenced ought to get care to mitigate indications. Individuals with genuine ailment ought to be hospitalized. Most patients recoup because of steady consideration.”

The office’s crackdown comes days after the DoJ reported it would organize the arraignment of cybercrimes and deceitful action identified with the pandemic, with Attorney General William P. Barr asking general society to report speculated extortion plans identified with the coronavirus. As a major aspect of this, the legislature is utilizing a government rule that grants administrative courts to give orders to forestall damage to potential survivors of fake plans.

The DoJ’s activities come in light of cybercriminals taking advantage of the feelings of dread around coronavirus by propelling a hostile of cyberattacks. For example, analysts have discovered a spate of pernicious, botnet-driven messages utilizing the coronavirus as a topic, propelling phishing and malware assaults. Different assaults incorporate vindictive sites and applications implying to share coronavirus related data (however that really get to casualties’ gadgets); and fake sites that sell counterfeit coronavirus fixes.

The DoJ on Sunday encouraged site clients to in every case freely confirm the personality of any organization, noble cause, or person that reaches them with respect to COVID-19. Furthermore, the office cautioned of con artists utilizing web tends to that vary just somewhat from those having a place with the elements they are imitating

“The Department of Justice won’t endure criminal misuse of this national crisis for individual addition,” said Assistant Attorney General Jody Hunt of the Department of Justice’s Civil Division in an announcement. “We will utilize each asset available to the administration to act rapidly to close down these generally wretched of con artists, regardless of whether they are swindling buyers, submitting fraud, or conveying malware

Need to join a Zoom meeting in the program without downloading its application to do as such? Look at this program module that alternate ways the unnecessary erosion the videoconferencing organization has prepared into the way toward benefiting yourself of its web customer.

As we noted a week ago, Zoom has a zero download choice — it just conceals it truly well, liking to push individuals to download its application. It’s really irritating without a doubt. Some have even called it unreliable, during the coronavirus pandemic, given what number of individuals are abruptly compelled to telecommute where they might be utilizing secured corporate workstations that don’t permit them to download applications.

Programming engineer, Arkadiy Tetelman — as of now the head of appsec/infrasec for US versatile bank Chime — was one of the individuals who got irritated by Zoom concealing the join through program alternative. So he set up this decent Zoom Redirector program augmentation that “straightforwardly diverts any gathering connects to utilize Zoom’s program based web customer,” as he puts it on Github.

“When joining a Zoom meeting, the ‘join from your program’ connect is purposefully covered up,” he cautions. “This program expansion takes care of this issue by straightforwardly diverting any gathering connects to utilize Zoom’s program based web customer.”

Zoom Redirector is a program augmentation that straightforwardly diverts any gathering connects to utilize Zoom’s program based web customer. –

16 individuals are discussing this

So far the expansion is accessible for Chrome and Firefox. At the hour of composing, entries are recorded as pending for Opera and Edge.

As others have noted, it remains conceivable to play out a divert physically, by adding your gathering ID to a Zoom web customer connect —{your-meeting-id}. However, in case you’re being solicited to join a bundle from Zoom gatherings, it’s plainly significantly progressively helpful to have a program module take the strain for you versus burdening yourself with reordering meeting IDs.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has commonly energized the utilization of videoconferencing, Zoom has all the earmarks of being an early recipient — with the application getting a charge out of a viral blast (in the advanced feeling of the term) as of late that has been incredible for income development (if not quickly at its offer cost when it revealed its Q4 abundance). What’s more, obviously, it’s guaging a guard year.

Be that as it may, it’s not every positive vibe or Zoom at the present time. Another region where the organization has confronted basic consideration lately identifies with client security.

Throughout the end of the week, another Twitter client, passing by the handle @ouren, posted a basic string that gathered a great many preferences and retweets — enumerating how Zoom can follow the movement on the client’s PC, remembering reaping information for what different projects are running and which window the client has in the frontal area.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., tried positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus and is being isolated, his office reported Sunday. The finding comes as the Senate plans to push ahead on a monstrous coronavirus upgrade help bundle planned for lightening the financial effect of the episode. A few Republican legislators reported on Sunday they would self-isolate because of Paul’s analysis.

More:Trump utilizes China as a foil when talking coronavirus, removing himself from analysis “This, America, is completely reckless,” tweeted Sen. Kristen Synema, D-Ariz. “You can’t be close to others while sitting tight for coronavirus test results. It jeopardizes others and likely builds the spread of the infection.” The updates on Paul’s determination came as Senate Lion’s share Head Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., pushed ahead with the upgrade bundle, which is required to approach $2 trillion. Prior Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pronounced she would not bolster the bill as composed, and pledged House Democrats would push ahead with their own enactment. Get the Coronavirus Watch pamphlet in your inbox. Remain protected and educated with refreshes on the spread of the coronavirus Conveyance: Fluctuates Your Email

Be that as it may, McConnell said he would at present hold a cloture vote on Sunday. Whenever affirmed, that vote would confine banter on the measure to 30 hours in front of a last vote, which McConnell expectations will happen Monday.

In light of Paul’s analysis, Republican Sens. Mike Lee and Glove Romney of Utah declared they would experience self-isolates. The loss of their votes – notwithstanding those of Republicans Sens. Rick Scott and Cory Gather, who were at that point under self-isolate – could undermine the measure’s entry.

Paul was not the principal individual from Congress to test positive for the infection. A week ago, Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., and Ben McAdams, D-Utah, reported they had tried positive.

Paul was on Legislative hall Slope a few days a week ago. The announcement from his office didn’t state when Paul tried positive, nor when he may have gotten the sickness.

Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said Sunday that officials are talking with a specialist to figure out what steps they should take after Paul’s finding.

“We simply took in our partner, Rand Paul, has tried positive for the coronavirus. Our contemplations and petitions are with him for a fast recuperation,” Thune said on the Senate floor. “We will talk with the going to doctor here at the State house about fitting measures for those of us who have been in contact with the representative.”

Thune said Paul’s contamination “is the sort of circumstance that Americans the nation over are managing at this moment. What’s more, it underscores the significance of acting promptly to convey more help for the American individuals.”

More:Coronavirus alleviation bargain concurred by Pelosi, Trump overwhelmingly passes House as president pronounces national crisis

Romney, R-Utah., affirmed he and different officials went to a lunch with Paul on Friday and that they were talking with specialists before he declared later Sunday that he would self-isolate.

“He’s undermined given wellbeing conditions he’s had previously, thus we’ll be appealing to God for him and considering him,” Romney told columnists with respect to Paul’s certain test outcome. “Obviously, all the legislators are going to look for clinical counsel regarding what move we should make to ensure that we don’t in any capacity spread this infection ourselves.”

Not long after Romney reported his choice to seclude himself.

“Since Representative Romney sat by Congressperson Paul for expanded periods as of late and steady with CDC direction, the going to doctor has requested him to quickly self-isolate and not to decide on the Senate floor,” Romney’s office said in an announcement.

It said that Romney would experience a test himself, in spite of the fact that he at present has no manifestations.

Lee went into self-isolate not long after Paul’s exposure, on the exhortation of Congress’ going to doctor. Lee purportedly likewise ate with Paul on Friday.

Lee said he has no side effects and the doctor said he didn’t should be tried.

“Be that as it may, given the planning, vicinity, and term of my presentation to Sen. Paul, he guided me to self-isolate for 14 days,” Lee said in an announcement Sunday. “That implies no voyaging or casting a ballot.”

like 10,000 pounds for the sake of just aving a seal but that said this is next to new and still has all the stuff you’d get when the original package and on that note you can probably tell already iPhone packages were much more elaborate back then I felt like getting a smartphone in general was considered a much bigger deal and so this thing is packed to the brim with stuff including a pretty excessively sized charger that still delivers the same 5 watts of power of the newest cinema ones you get a 30 pin cable Apple’s standard at the time and what I thought was pretty cool a full-on charging dock you’ve also got a good old iPhone stereo headset here now this iPhone is also known as the iPhone 2g I really like the way it feels it’s just dense and solid ok moving on we’ve got the iPhone 3G this was released a year after and I remember this thing if you had an iPhone 3G I was 13 at the time it was a dream you could play touch hockey you could pop virtual bubble wrap to your heart’s content amazing on a damager to give you a bit of context one of the biggest features of this phone was the fact that it had GPS in it yes it was only

14 iPhones two months of preparation this is it a new or next a new version of every single iPhone flagship ever created this is the most expensive and time-consuming video I’ve ever made but it’s gonna be amazing so Before we jump into any kind of camera comparison we’re gonna start by unboxing all of them starting with the original iPhone and this is actually the only one where I didn’t manage to get a brand new version of the phone it was coming out at

the same 5 watt adapter still on 30 pin as well in terms of the connection and the same in-ear stereo headset the iPhone 4 got people excited it was a big redesign but also it was claimed to be at the time the slimmest smartphone in the world and you can see these champers here they’re made with stainless steel because Steve Jobs himself insisted that compared to aluminium which is a softer metal he really liked how stainless steel aged over time he said it gets beautiful when it wears so that’s the reason that is so beautiful I actually love this phone headphone jack oh also the new body of this phone just meant that they had to redesign the antennas and a lot of people actually reported losing signal entirely on this the iPhone 4s was an incredible phone but launched at a time of terrible circumstances so Steve Jobs has actually meant to do the keynote to this phone as he did with every other iPhone launch but he was too sick at the time he was in hospital and it turns out he passed away the next day so in a sense this was the last phone that he saw get announced on the outside the phone looks pretty much identical to before but the s in 4s it signifies the introduction of Siri and this was game-changing I remember when it came out people going crazy about it they could only do basic tasks but they loved it there was people’s kind of first glimpse of their own personal assistant and again same charging brick same cable same earphones although this was about to change the year after also in the years when Apple wasn’t redesigning the body it looks like they paid more attention to what was inside the phone because with the 4s the phone got a massive leap in camera and processing onto the iPhone 5 and this is one of the biggest changes that Apple made to their phone lineup you’ll see why in a second had to be super careful to knife everything from the side so I didn’t actually do what I have done before I just straight up to stab deep foxes because at this point a lot of these are pretty rare so the first thing is ear pods the iPhone 5 is the first time these were packaged inside the small phone and these were a massive improvement over the standard iPhone stereo headset they still get the same charging adapter but the other thing that’s changed and this is pretty major is that the 30-pin connector has been shifted to lightning so that has changed 30 pins to just eight pins and the Lightning is also

now reversible okay so the phone itself and since the passing of Steve Jobs Apple switched back to aluminium from stainless steel and this meant they could build a phone that was slimmer and lighter and the directions changed now but at this time it was all about building the slimmest phone he also noticed the screen on the iPhone 5 is quite significantly taller than the one on the four really like this as well actually it’s really nice the iPhone 5s was the first time Apple also introduced a cut-price smartphone alongside it the 5c but in this video we’re focusing on you on the flagships another big thing with the 5s was that this was the first iPhone shipped with iOS 7 and visually speaking this was one of the biggest overhaul athol at had a much cleaner much flatter a little bit more colorful as well he’s still getting ear pods in the box same plastic case and still getting 5 watt charger and still a lightning cable following on from this idea of Apple introducing its bigger internal changes in the phone’s that don’t change much externally this one had a massive chip upgrade the a7 chip inside this was the first 64-bit chip on a smartphone which meant heavy computational tasks like recording slow-motion video were handled much better it’s also actually the first phone to have touch ID which is a fingerprint scanner built into the home button and

if we compare the back to the iPhone 5 you’ll see that the 5s is the first time Apple has introduced dual LED flash it’s meant to give a more realistic exposure to people’s faces the oven 6 was the first time Apple also introduced a plus sized version of their smartphone presumably they saw the success Samsung was having with their note series and had to have a part of it I do remember really liking the size of the iPhone 6 I was a note user at the time and so this felt refreshing Lee petite in a sense it feels a bit like an iPod Touch in the hand and this thing is full of big changes it’s cameras it’s performance its battery and even its design I never actually liked the iPhone 6 design I think compared to some of their past phones this is not Apple at its peak but you probably already know there was a bigger problem which I’ll come to this phone is shipped with iOS 8 which was definitely a subtler up greater than iOS 7 things like better predictive typing and better battery usage information so bendgate the iPhone 6 is made almost entirely out of aluminium the whole chassis and it’s relatively soft compared to some of their past phones

and so if you put pressure on certain parts of the chassis it was known to bend also yet I mean it’s not a bad looking phone by any stretch but I just think it’s rounded corners then as classy as some of our first past ones so if we put that next to the iPhone 5s it is so much slimmer iPhone at 6s and as you can probably imagine with this phone Apple made it very clear that they’d strengthened the see they probably tested that a billion times the phone is thicker and compared to these 6000 series aluminium used on the last phone this uses newer 7000 series aluminium and it could supposedly would stand about twice as much pressure before bending again standard Apple box contents here nothing new versus the six I feel like the iPhone 6s was not really a high point for Apple the battery life was criticized and the camera Cena’s not quite as good as some of its competitors that said this was when Apple introduced 3d touch and a lot of people like this the idea that your screen could respond to multiple levels of pressure the iPhone 7 was the first time Apple introduced a jet black color option and it sold pretty well although Apple actually issued a warning on its website saying that if you don’t put a case on it it’s prone to suffering micro-operations still of course for the sake of this video we had to get hold of one no the main reason this video took entire months to film is that your best bet of finding potentially old phones that are still sealed is through pre-owned sites like eBay but at the same time you also get scammed a lot a lot of the time people buy phones they’ll open them and then they’ll reseal them and with this iPhone

7 it looks like that’s what’s happened anyways inside the box starting with the 7 the air pods are now packaged differently and come with a lightning connector so the body of this phone it does look a lot like glass it’s actually not glass the phone is still made of aluminium as before but yeah I mean it’s definitely the more premium feeling 2 00:10:00.000 –> 00:20:00.000 version so the Plus version of the iPhone 7 is also the first time Apple introduced a dual camera system but the standard smaller phone just has a single but almost definitely the most controversial part of the iPhone 7 was that this was when Apple removed the headphone jack and to compensate they did include a headphone jack adapter in the box but it felt early and it felt a bit surprising to a lot of people now I really like the iPhone 8 this is back to glass on the front in the back of the phone but this time Apple introduced wireless charging never actually seen the black one in person so this will be interesting it’s a seriously dense phone but it feels good we’re still getting Apple stickers in the box as well although these have changed over the generations

you can also see compared to the seven it generally looks pretty similar I feel like the camera has become a little bit separated from the rest of the phone but apart from that the general positioning of everything has stayed the same now the iPhone eight was unusual for another reason it was actually the first time Apple introduced three smart phones in one event as well as the eight and the eight plus it was time for the ten and this really felt like a pro phone this felt like Apple throwing all its best technologies that had been working on behind the scenes all at you at once and the moment when they announced this was kind of amazing they were at the launch event they’d announce the iPhone 8 and the eight plus and they did that classic move one more thing and it was the 10 it’s still pretty much the same packaging but they have just changed the layout internally the most obvious change here was no home button Apple had designed a gesture based control system and people basically had to relearn how to use this iPhone we’ve got a completely new 3d facial scanner on the front of the phone and the iPhone 10 was the first time Apple used an oled display in one of their phones traditional ones just used LCDs it was also the most expensive iPhone ever starting under thousand dollars 2018 or last year to us the iPhone 10s and to some people this was a more forgettable upgrade they wasn’t considered gigantic but there were two primary things here in a year when Android phones are coming out with pretty much bezel as displays and pop-up cameras this did feel like a bit of a conservative upgrade but under the hood did was every bit as capable also the 10s is the first time Apple’s stopped providing the headphone jack adapter I guess they’re assuming that if you’re buying a 10 s then you’re probably already on an iPhone 7 or later the first thing is the a12 Bionic chip a chip so powerful that even over a year after it came out even now it still outperforms

a lot of top-tier Android phones and the second thing is that this is the first time in quite a few years that Apple’s camera sensor size actually increased and they combine this with better software too and that leaves us with the iPhone 11 Pro and Joe since the iPhone 7 where they introduced a separate plus variant that had a dual camera versus the single it feels like apples been leaning towards this notion of having a pro phone and a standard phone but the 11 is finally where Apple attaches those labels to be completely honest I wasn’t that excited about the iPhone 11 I’ve seen old leaks had seen all the renders for like six months prior and it didn’t really do it for me but having used it having seen it having tested it and compared it to other phones it’s pretty remarkable in terms of both the battery and the camera it is unarguably one of the best phones to date they’ve reshuffled the internals of the box a little bit but the most notable improvement here is the charger Apple finally gives you a fast charger in the box it was a got the same smart folding pins that we’ve seen on the Apple watch charger we’ve still got these same ear pods but the cable underneath has been changed to instead of the standard USB a two lightning this is USB C two Lightning alright all phones unboxed let’s get into some testing now as you can probably imagine the process of setting up 14 iPhones was a very interesting one I don’t even think my room is ready for what was about to happen so I spent about three hours rearranging and setting this up I don’t think I’ve seen this many cables in my room ever anyway just for we get to the comparisons here’s the thing with invisible shield they’ve just come out with the glass elite line of screen protectors and they are probably the most advanced you’ve ever seen we’ve got the standard glass elite which has extremely shatter and scratch resistance it’s got reinforced edges and a new technology called clear

print which disperses the oil to ends up on your screen to the point where it becomes invisible I’ve applied this to our – Tim the antique glare version builds on this further by adding an a matte layer that keeps direct lights from reflecting on your screen so it will drop this on the iPhone 10s there’s also a privacy version which prevents anyone around you seeing what’s on your screen and probably my favorite the glass elite vision guard Plus which has all the benefits of glass elite but with built-in antimicrobial properties that kill a whole load of nasty surface bacteria plus a layer that filters out high-energy blue light to protect from digital eye strain also the application process is watertight I tested this eight times on eight phones and I didn’t get a single air bubble so it is time to test and you can probably imagine yourself the process of setting up 14 iPhones from all these different generations was an interesting one I feel like I encountered every possible era on the way not activating phones phones not synching with iTunes phones not booting phones battery’s dying everything it is pretty cool though that the iPhone that I had is running iOS 1.0 that’s kind of rare and it means a whole lot of things you would expect on a phone are just not here including the App Store but I was quite surprised to see that the OS still runs smoothly sadly for the sake of making these comparisons I did have to update it to iOS 3 and also to send a few phones back because of dead batteries but finally we did get there and so let’s start by comparing unlocking you might remember the video I made recently comparing every Samsung Galaxy smartphone and waltz on those the unlock patterns changed dramatically on the iPhones they haven’t really all the way up to the iPhone 5 it was just a case of swiping and then typing in a four-digit pin code unlike the Samsung Galaxy

phones the way everything looks on the iPhones really depends almost entirely on what version of iOS it’s running and so I’ve updated each phone on to the latest that it can reach and so you’ll notice on the 5s which now runs iOS 12 Apple starts defaulting to six digit pins as opposed to four digits previously and the point of that is to overcome something called brute forcing which is where someone basically tries as many combinations as they can until they eventually guess it in the iPhone 6s from 2015 and onwards those phones all have the option for iOS 13 the latest software that’s kind of amazing just before the speed comparison I wanted to quickly show you how the app store has evolved and you can probably tell yourself looking at the 2g and the 3G it is old-school we’re talking grey backgrounds we’re talking a dedicated section for the top 25 apps but things have changed so much on the iPhone 3GS which was supported all the way up to iOS 6 you get a much more advanced app store with multiple rows that can be scrolled independently plus a genius section for recommendations on the iPhone 4 you can see when Apple was testing a feature called near me they wanted to show applications that were popular in your area but that didn’t really take off and from the 5s and onwards were into the modern era this is the current design for

the App Store and you could call it a magazine layout it kind of brings attention to a few important apps and games and then hides the others away but in a way that can be searched for quite easily okay time for a benchmark and my weapon of choice is the pass mark performance test primarily just because it’s one of the few benchmarks works even on older versions of iOS it’s not gonna work on the iPhone 2g because that’s on iOS 3 which is super old but it does work on the rest of them and thankfully the iPhone 2g in terms of its processing power is nearly identical to the iPhone 3G so we can use one score interchangeably if we take a look then at CPU performance over time it’s kind of amazing between the 3G and the 3GS the score is almost four times higher between the 4 and the 4s it is a three times jump between the 5 and the 5s almost four and a half times these are astronomical leaps in performance after this point there aren’t any jumps that are as significant in terms of percentage gain but between the 7 and 8 you still getting almost twice the CPU power which is a lot the 10s was a pretty small increment over the 10 but the 11pro actually a bigger jump than I was expecting but the biggest jump comes when we compare where we are now to where it started and on this benchmark at least the score now is he’ thousand times higher than the first iPhones that’s crazy the next thing was a camera test but just before that while the phones were all out here I thought I’d show you what the calculators look like on these phones if you got there right at the beginning on iOS one it looks pretty circular and after this it starts to become squarer and as soon as we hit the iPhone 4 it stays square but it starts to become flutter in terms of design and on the 5s and Beyond you’ve got the current aesthetic which is circular

again but flat now I’m gonna do a display comparison as well but it’s time for cameras and let me tell you trying to carry 14 I phones at the same time is a logistical problem but we got there and what I’ve done is captured four photos but with each photo I’ve captured one version on every single iPhone and so you can see the progress made as we go up the ranks the improvement in the quality of shots is going to be most noticeable in low-light which I’ll show you in a minute but during the day there is one thing you’ll notice dynamic range improves massively the ability to capture detail in brothah bright and the dark parts of the image and I would say up until the iPhone 7 something is lacking and this somewhat addresses the misconception that smartphones have plateaued that they’re not evolving because actually a big part of this improvement to serpent in the last few years and for perspective we’re going to switch back to the iPhone 2g just to see how that compares if we pull up a new image in a similar lighting condition or cycle through a bit faster but you should notice these same trends the shadows become better exposed and the bright areas more well controlled generally speaking the iPhone 10s is a notable turning point where dynamic range finally gets really good even though that phone in most other senses was quite an iterative upgrade and again here is a comparison to the iPhone 2g at the beginning but another thing worth 3 00:20:00.000 –> 00:30:00.000 noting is that the iPhone 11 pro introduces an ultra wide camera for the first time on an iPhone now for low-light I found a staircase that was pretty much unlit it wasn’t pitch-black I could still see with my eyes but dark and you’ll see the first few iPhones pick up almost nothing just a glimmer of light and the interesting thing about

this is that that trend barely changes leaving the iPhone 5s the fm6 the iPhone 6s it’s not until the iPhone 7 that we see a jump in low-light performance this again plateaus until the iPhone 10s which does a better job of dealing with noise and manages to produce low-light photos with more natural colors but then you can see the impact that night mode makes on the iPhone 11 Pro and if we swing back to where we started it is unbelievable to think that these two phones are shooting the exact same scene the last camera test is run cameras and right off the bat you probably noticed we started on iPhone 4 because every iPhone before that didn’t have a front camera you’ll notice skin tones improving over time as well as somewhat the exposure of the sky behind me but again this is another one of those cases where the big jump actually doesn’t happen until the iPhone 8 and even bigger jump the iPhone 10’s the 11pro makes slight adjustments to this and can also go much wider than every iPhone before it so for the display comparison I wanted to transfer the same image onto every single iPhone and this proved to be a bit of an adventure in itself with the original iPhone not even having bluetooth not connecting to my gmail and refusing to acknowledge my laptop but I didn’t I should do it anyways displays and starting with the original iPhone we had 165 pixels per inch or PPI and this was considered pretty sharp at the time the stayed constant with the 3G and the 3GS but it wasn’t until the iPhone 4 when we got a massive leap this device was when Apple introduced the term Retina display they still use it today and it refers to the idea that the resolution so high that the human eye can’t even discern individual pixels the stayed constant for the iPhone 4s and funnily enough for the iPhone 5 and beyond the resolution density actually fell a tiny bit probably more noticeable though is the fact that these phones were the first time Apple used the standard 16 to 9 aspect ratio in the iPhone 6 saw a massive improvement in both display size and display quality the Apple was still stuck using LCD panels compared to many of its competitors that used OLED but that said these were still some of the best displays on the market and on that note 2 the iPhone 7 that came afterwards had a record contrast ratio for an LCD display the air for an 8 went down pretty well too but at the time most eyeballs were on what was launched alongside it the iPhone 10 they announced this at the same event and it was the first iPhone to use an OLED display and OLED is slimmer and lighter than traditional LCD plus it can produce better colors and as what allows this nearly bezel a swarm factor to be possible and the pixel density also jumped massively here to 458 and over the next two generations this display was refined better brightness better contrast the oven 11pro is something like 20% brighter at peak brightness than past versions that’s quite a lot again a huge huge thanks to invisible shield and let me tell you most times you’ll see a sponsor it’s because a company has reached out to a youtuber but this was a case of me going to them because I actually do use invisible shield products on almost every phone I use and I can stand by them so links with that are gonna be in the description anyways this video has been a really really long time in the works if you enjoyed it a sub would be massively appreciated and with that being said do let me know which line of smartphones you want to see next in the ultimate comparison series if you haven’t seen the galaxy lineup do check that out I’ll link that from here and with that being said my name is Erin this is mister who’s the boss and I will catch you in the next one

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